Discover below our matchbook prints made of vintage and modern matchbooks and matchboxes from our collection

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Discover the custom matchbook prints that our clients commissioned us

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  • “Matches tell a story, bring people together, and amuse through their shapes and colors. They’re small designs yet big carriers of memories.”

  • "Some mothers and daughters bond over sweets, alcohol, and gossip. For others, it’s phillumeny."

  • "Both started amateur gathering interesting match covers during their respective youthful stints of living in New York City. A few years later, they began documenting collections like their own in their Match of the Day column."

  • "As a matchbook collector myself, I was thrilled to see the mother-daughter duo behind the account had launched a line of vessels to display your collection."


  • OH, WHAT A MATCH! founders, Nadia and Alice.

    Hi! We are Nadia and Alice, a mother-daughter duo, founders of OH, WHAT A MATCH! We came together because of a mutual passion we share for phillumeny, the hobby of collecting different match-related items such as matchboxes, matchcovers, and matchbooks.